• With so many education management systems around, does it really makes a sense to add an other one to the existing pool ... well the answer was yes and no. This thought made the decision to make the first step really tough.
  • It was well understood that existing systems hardly caters to education. Their scope was limited to providing administration of educational institutions rather than what is education is all about. Never came across a system which addresses the needs and challenges faced by our Schools, Teachers, Parents and Students in day to day activities. Unfortunately, IT has not made a positive impact in the efficient running of our education process at schools. If you compare, a single school is much bigger in terms of resources it uses and services it provides with respect to any IT organization. But the IT focus has been negligible and our schools continue to work in same traditional manner and all stake holders becoming passive participants to existing education system.
  • The basic and core value of software application is to turn a repetitive process into an automated system. Our schools more or less work in same manner year to year and they hardly make any changes in operational aspects. Moreover the nature of the problems faced by stakeholders has not changed but multiplied in proportions. An other reason to have system in place where schools makes use of inherent common factors they share across all schools.
  • While IT has made a big impact everywhere, surprisingly most of schools remains untouched. Schools are often faced with the challenges of limited technical knowledge, difficult to use product, over dependence of vendors, non timely response, problems related to software installations and upgrades etc etc .. and the list goes on ..
  • This paved the way to make the first step turning thought into reality which addresses the needs and challenges faced by our schools, the prime place where our young mind takes the shape of future aspirations.
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