About Us

AtMySchool is based in Pune, the education and IT Hub of India. It is our aim to provide education management solutions to school at all levels. Schools that want to reap in the benefit of IT systems in education but are faced with limited cost, resources, requirements and effort needed.

Our education management system just caters to what you need. It is a web based solution that requires no learning curve and no resources. All you need is an internet connectivity.

Online school and teaching has become the new normal in the pandemic times. It is not always comfortable for teachers and parents to change from regular school mode to an online mode.

Teachers, students and principal at school are increasingly facing the new challenges and additional responsibilities. We strive to meet those challenges and gives you means to achieve academic tasks at school in a convenient manner saving your time and efforts.

AtMySchool visualize to bring the school management virtually at your desk anytime and anywhere!